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The fan was used as language, a kind of sign language, namely: to press the fan against the right shoulder meant someone should not have to • touching the right eye with the fan meant that she wanted to go on a date as soon as possible • By covering both eyes with a fan, she indicated that she loves someone • pressing the fan against the left ear meant she didn't want any secrets to be revealed etc.. In the dance I deliberately wanted to make a man dance with a fan. This is because it is mainly used by women. Making a man move gives it something abstract. He communicates with or through the fan, but at the same time it is a way of appropriating the space; an open non-verbal way of communication. This is reinforced by the text. The body uses the fan as a partner for a dialogue in space. Ik kan heel veel spreken maar toch niet veel zeggen Soms zeggen we we niet eens iets Soms Praten we verder dan we voelen, of dan we willen Verder dan ons lichaam wil M’n lichaam is altijd eerlijk over wat het voelt Dus Laat ik mijn lichaam met jou praten, voor mij bepalen en aan jou vertellen wat ik heb te zeggen Wat ik voel Wat ik denk Wat ik wil Wat ik denk dat jij wil Wat jij denkt Of wat jij wil weten Non verbal I can speak a lot but still not say much Sometimes we don't even say anything Sometimes We talk further than we feel, or then we want to Further than our body wants My body is always honest about what it feels like So Let my body talk to you, determine for me and tell you what I have to say What I feel What I think What I want What I think you want What you think Or what you want to know