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This year started quite hard with all kinds of circumstances in my family, but I am certainly not the only one who has been struggeling this year. It really took some time getting used to my new suroundings.
I feel that I’m getting more and more comfortable, and that of course only contributes to my learning process. What really went well for me this semester was making choices. Usually I am very bad at making choices, but this year I was able to do that very well. It was a very big lesson for me: if something isn't perfect, just keep going, keep trying don't stop and sometimes “kill your darlings”. Of course, this sounds very cliche, but there is a reason for this. I learned to keep going. Sometimes if an assignment did not suit me completely, it could put me off field. And I got in a kind of negative spiral, that made me think other things would not work out either. Nothing could be further from the truth. Because no matter how you get used to it, if you keep trying, something will always come out. So that's my biggest lesson to keep trying this year; it doesn't all have to be perfect.
The best things can come from imperfect attempts. If it doesn't work out like this, take a completely different approach, sitting still has never taken anyone anywhere. I'll take that into the next semester. I also wanted to say that I have already learned so much this semester. I could never have imagined that, to learn so much in such a short time. Still, I am quite proud of what I ultimately achieved and made, it might not be perfect,
but that does not matter at all it’s all about the process getting there.

This year was also different because of Corona. I missed contact with fellow students, being at school more often and the whole social context. There is now too little interaction and I can't wait until we're up and running again.

It is precisely through conversations with others that your own aspirations get activated.
Fortunately this is not forever and sooner or later all of that will come!