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I always had a special bond with my grandmother. She was very good at drawing and encouraged me to do so from an early age. Strangely enough, we are very similar. When my grandmother slowly became demented, I really wanted to record her living situation. Such an enormous chaos but almost as if she has composed it. The mess becomes something beautiful, strangely enough it gets a certain aesthetic. It was important to me what I was going to do with the photos after that. It's quite easy to score, as people become very voyeuristic with eccentric cases like these. For me, it was about my grandmother and how she became increasingly disconnected from the outer world. I then decided to make it into a book with the title 'kind of chaotic 'and the word 'chaotic' I translated into Hebrew. My grandmother is Jewish and has had quite a serious trauma from the war that probably caused this hoarding behaviour. In the end I gave the book to my grandmother and that was enough for me. 2021-01-11 om 16_49_47.png 2021-01-11 om 16_50_13.png 2021-01-11 om 16_50_33.png 2021-01-11 om 16_52_49.png 2021-01-11 om 17_27_34.png 2021-01-11 om 16_52_33.png 2021-01-11 om 16_53_11.png 2021-01-11 om 16_51_54.png 2021-01-11 om 16_51_17.png 2021-01-11 om 16_51_36.png 2021-01-11 om 16_52_14.png 2021-01-11 om 17_29_36.png