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I started to notice, like many with me, that boys are becoming less awkward about their vanity and that the line between masculinity and femininity is becoming increasingly blurred. However, I noticed that women compliment each other much faster: "what beautiful hair you have", "How special your eyes are." Even though boys are very busy with their appearance nowadays, there is apparently still a kind of taboo. Women say much more easily, "That’s a beautiful woman" but I hardly dare to ask my male friends "Who do you think is a beautiful man?" I wanted to investigate this, why is this still a taboo for them, like I think it is, is this ever going to change? Maybe this was a first step. I got my male friends together without them knowing what the conversation would be about. I wanted to keep the intimacy, the discomfort and the vulnerability in the image of the film without any judgement. 2021-01-11 om 16_56_25.png 2021-01-11 om 16_56_40.png 2021-01-11 om 16_56_58.png 2021-01-11 om 16_57_37.png 2021-01-11 om 16_57_16.png 2021-01-11 om 16_57_55.png